Monday, September 16, 2013

September Update

Last week was an exciting one here. But it was also just a normal week. Here's a little update about each of the kids.
Judah is 5, goes to kindergarten and plays soccer. This is his very first game a few weeks ago. Saturday he scored his first goal! He was very excited and we are proud of him. He was happy to play at the playground for a while after the game. The first two weeks of soccer games were so hot that we didn't want stay out in the sun any longer than necessary.
Judah is liking kindergarten. We haven't had any bad news from the teacher, so I guess that means he's doing fine in class. He brought home a homework packet that was all about sight words. I can't believe this guy is old enough to be learning to read! I've noticed that Judah talks more clearly after just a few weeks in school. Little ones learn so quickly!
Reuben is such a funny kid. He talks all the time and we know exactly what he's saying. In this picture I had said, "You look like a king." Reuben replied, "No, I'm a Christmas tree."
He has pooped on the potty a few times and now he wants to watch others poop so he pulls up a stool and sits whether you want him there or not.
Yesterday he tried to nurse Ezra.
One day he was messing with his ear. I asked if there was something wrong with his ear. He said, "There's something in my ear. It's just crap."

This is Ezra. He is three months old now. He weighs about 14 pounds and he's tall. Or long. Whatever you say for babies who can't stand up. Ezra has good control of his head. He sits with support and holds his head high when he's on his tummy. One evening last week he rolled over, while James and I watched! He was on his tummy and lifted his head and legs up enough that he rolled to his back. It was pretty exciting but he hasn't done it again. We get tons of comments about Ezra's big eyes. He has a lot to observe all around him. For the most part, Ezra sleeps all night. He's a pretty happy baby and his big brothers love him! They are always holding him and talking to him.

Asa has decided to have facial hair now that he's in 1st grade. Just kidding! He got his face painted at our church carnival. Asa is glad to be back in school. He is reading books; his favorite is Fun with Dick and Jane, a book that belonged to my dad. Asa's class did a math assessment recently and their class scored above the district average! He is doing some pretty complicated stuff in first grade math.
Asa is playing soccer again this fall. He has a really fun team and is improving each week. He's starting to get aggressive out there!
My oldest boy is still painting. James did this one for our 10th anniversary. There's a tree for each year of marriage, a little bird for each member of our family; the yellow beams represent God in our lives, the dove represents the Holy Spirit. It's a really creative painting and I love it!
We are blessed to have a healthy and thriving family!


  1. Since we both have 1st graders and kindergarteners, we are going to have to be best friends. The house across the street from us is for sale, you should buy it. :)

  2. Just find us a job and we'll be there! Well, maybe. I told James I don't want to move any further away from my sisters. I like having two in school. It's like they have a little club!