Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Joy of Giving

About this time every year I start to get so excited. I love the way I feel. I have an overwhelming gratitude for the love shown in the birth of Christ. And I find myself asking: How can I share this love with someone else?
I try every day to love and serve my family. Sometimes it feels like a chore rather than an act of love.
Every year at Christmas we bake and put together "goody plates" for our friends, pastors and family. I guess it's just an affordable and simple way to say: we love you, cherish your friendship and thank you for investing in our family.
Each year for Christmas my mom gives us a monetary gift. We decided that this year we will use a portion of that money to buy gifts for someone else. I have real cash money and we will go shopping as a family. I want my boys to know what it means to buy gifts for someone else and experience the joy of giving.

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  1. You are an angel for not only giving to others, but to also include your boys in it. They are lucky to have you for a mama!